The 2016 Gene Edmonds Cup

A Big Day for Purdue Track and Field at the Gene Edmonds Cup

Yesterday I was back in Lambert Field shooting track and field again. It really is amazing looking at the athletes that Purdue has in their track and field program. This current crop may be the best that I have seen yet. There were some familiar names like Chuk Enekwechi, and some newcomers like Malcolm Dotson that opened my eyes. A lot of PR’s were recorded yesterday, and that is a good sign as the indoor season is just beginning. Next week Indiana comes to town so I may have to head back to Lambert to see this group again.

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last Year I went to Lambert to photograph the meet just to get out of the house. We were in the middle of a long cold spell, and with a one year old I was not getting out much. That meet was my first sporting event of the year. I really had not made any photos yet in 2015 when I made my way to Lambert. Of course with Disney I have made many photos, and it was raining when I went into Lambert, and it was still raining when I left almost nine hours later. It has been a mild winter so far, but I have a feeling we may pay for that at some point.

Bonus Photos From the Meet

Normally I would post a few extra images from the meet here for you to look at. I created a large Exposure page for the meet here though that has many more than I could put here. The Exposure page is on the Purdue Exposure page. Tomorrow I will shoot the Purdue women’s basketball game for myself so I may make an Exposure page on my own site. It should be a fun game with a couple of good moments so it would be a good chance to get back into the habit of posting more photos to Exposure. Yesterday I really had some fun with a lot of my equipment. I took my large roller and the 400mm in its backpack to the meet. I wanted to have a lot of options available. I ended up using a few combinations that really changed up the look of my photos a bit. The workhorse pairing though was the Canon 400mm f/2.8 lens on my Canon 1DX body. I really used that for most of my shots. Normally the 400mm lens does not get much use in the winter. It was nice to get it back out for a day.


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