Christmas at Orlando International Airport

Traveling During the Holiday Season

We made our way to the Disney World the day after Christmas. Part of the fun of traveling during the holidays is seeing the different Christmas decorations as you go. As we arrived in Orlando we started off to find the Disney Magical Express buses that would take us to our hotel. As I was walking with my daughter I saw this amazing scene unfold in front of me. The unique nature of this concourse along with the Christmas tree in the middle was just asking for a photo to be made of it. I grabbed my camera out of my bag with one hand while holding Lanie with the other to make this photo. I really love the lines here. They all seem to take you right into the center of the photo to the tree.

Having Your Camera Ready

For most of the trip I had some form of camera near me at all times. Of course we always have a camera with us these days with the iPhone and the other phones that may be more camera than phone. I also had the Canon G16 with me most of the time on the plane and in the airports. For this photo though I reached into my Think Tank messenger bag to grab my Canon 5D Mark III with my Canon 17-40mm lens on it. I wanted the look that the 17-40mm lens would give me along with the high ISO capabilities of the 5D III. I thought that this turned out very well for a quick grab shot.

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