New Years Eve at the Magic Kingdom

Ringing in the New Year With Mickey

In case you have not figured it out over the course of the last few days we spent some of the holiday break at Walt Disney World in Florida. When we first were planning the trip I was not too sure about heading down there during the holidays. It is the busiest week of the year in between Christmas and the new year. We ran into some crowds, but it did not seem as bad as what we experienced in June. The spirit of the holidays really made it a fun time to visit. Our last night in town was New Year’s Eve. We had a blast watching the early fireworks show inside of the Magic Kingdom. I made a few photos of the fireworks, but then stopped to watch how much my family enjoyed them. Here is one of the early fireworks shots that I really liked. The early show was great, but the shows the resorts put on around midnight were amazing. Watching the fireworks from our room near Epcot we could feel every firework, and there were many. The books may say to stay away at this time of year, but I say go for it and go. It is a great experience.

Help Out My Friend Chad

I don’t ask for a lot on this blog. Last year I begged for votes for the MiLB photo of the year. Thankfully you guys came through and helped me win the vote. Usually when I ask for something though it is not about me. One of my childhood friends is going through a tough time. A freak farm accident has left him unable to work, and fighting for his life. A GoFundMe page has been set up for Chad to help defer the large expenses of his treatment and travel during this rough time. You can find that page here. All I ask is that you go to the site and read about the incident. You don’t have to give, but if you could help spread the word that would be great.


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