The Vision of Walt Disney

The Empire Started by Walt Disney

One thing that you notice as you spend more and more time at a Walt Disney World property is the vision of the entire team behind Disney. Everything seems to have already been planned and thought out. The property is always changing right before your eyes. Trash disappears without a person coming to get it. Entire sections of flowers change overnight. The park is constantly changing in a way that I have only seen in Las Vegas. During our trip I wanted to photograph a lot of new things that I had not previously seen before. I also wanted to photograph things that I photographed six months prior to see just what had changed. This statue was very near some construction during our trip to the Magic Kingdom in June so I could make a photo that looked like I was there before the park opened. On this trip there was nothing that I could do about the thousands of people all around. I decided that they were part of the photo. Hidden in the background is a group of my family members just before we posed for a group shot in front of the castle.

Christmas at Disney

One big change from our first trip was the theme in the park. With Christmas just ending they were still in the Christmas spirit big time. The temperature was exactly what it was in June if not a bit hotter, but it still felt like Christmas. A little fake snow coming down on us on Main Street USA helped create the illusion a little better. The park is alive with Christmas music, and for just a few days more the spirit of Christmas can live on.


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