Christmas at Timberlake Woods

Another Post About a Great Light Show

Once again I will talk about my brother’s Christmas light show in Martinsville, Indiana. It is a great show that uses his lights to music to entertain. You can find his Facebook page here if you want to learn more. During the course of the show I walked around to try and capture some unique angles of the show. Here I shot through one tree to his large tree in the yard. I love the depth that it gives. What makes this type of shot so hard is that you have to time things so that you have all of the lights on at once. That is not easy to do during a multi-channel lights show. Here I was lucky that they all fired at once. If you fire when they come on it will be too late. You have to anticipate the moment. Luckily the show is timed to the music so you can kind of do that.

It’s All About the Bokeh

One thing that I wanted to do while shooting the show was to make a couple of nice bokeh shots. I shot the same tree that you see at the top of the post from a close angle to get the above shot. I know that many people think that bokeh shots are for beginners, but I think that there is something beautiful here. I love the mix of colors with the occasional Ven Diagram thrown in for good measure. This is part of the beauty of the season.


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