Top 10 Wrestling Photos of 2015

My Favorite 10 Wrestling Photos of 2015

I don’t get to photograph much wrestling. In fact I think that I was only available during two meets this past year. I did have fun trying to capture moments during those meets though. Wrestling is a new sport to me. It is one that I want to shoot a little more in the coming year. Purdue has an up and coming wrestling team that should make things fun to photograph so look for a few more photos this year. For now here are the ten photos that I liked the most from the 2015 season.

10. Danny Sabatello is a fun wrestler to watch. I have never seen him lose in person. He is a tough wrestler that does not give up. He will appear on this countdown a couple of more times before this is over.

9. Sometimes the wrestlers get put in an awkward position during a match. As they are in what has to be an uncomfortable position they show a calm face, and sometimes reverse out of the position. This sport truly is a battle of wills.

8. Like I said above Danny Sabatello will appear a couple of times on this countdown. Here he is shown winning against Michigan.

7. Braden Atwood was a fun wrestler to cover. He had a heck of a career at Purdue. Here he is shown wrestling during my first match photographing at Purdue. I had a two camera setup ready to go as the meet started, but the photographer for the school paper had an issue with their camera. I loaned them my 5D Mark III, and my 70-200mm lens for the rest of the day. I was shooting for fun, and they were shooting for the paper. Most of my photos from that day were with a 300mm lens on a crop frame body.

6. Here is another photo with that tight setup that I mentioned above. It was really a test to keep the wrestlers in frame as they don’t really have any predictable movements to them. On a normal day I would have settled for shots with the 70-200mm lens. As it was it was a great challenge to get in tight on the action. I think some great photos were made because of it.

5. One big draw for the Boilers last year was a freshman wrestler. Gelen Robinson is the son of Purdue legend Glenn Robinson, and also played football and ran track for Purdue. He drew quite a crowd for his first home meet against Illinois. Here he is shown giving a great look of concentration as he wrestled.

4. Another tight 300mm shot gets right into the lock up between these two wrestlers. You can see the strain as you get in this close.

3. No face usually means no picture for the most part. Here though I loved the Purdue tattoo next to the Purdue logo on the singlet. When you are shooting for yourself you can make some photos that you normally would not make. This was one that I made that I really liked.

2. I don’t know if this photo is truly a good wrestling photo or not. I do know that I like how it looks with the referee pointing right at the wrestlers. For some reason this was one of the most searched files on my website last year.

  1. This photo will appear again on this site before the year is out. It is a cool little moment during a match that I was happy to capture. Braden Atwood came to the side of the mat to cheer on his teammate Gelen Robinson. Braden had already wrestled so he was sweaty, and a little bloody. I don’t know much about wrestling, but I do know that this is what I expect a tough wrestler to look like.

You may notice a lack of new content over the coming weeks. Expect for a couple of dates that I have carved out for events that I know I will be shooting I have scheduled the rest of the year on this blog. Most of that time will be filled with my “best of” posts as we approach the new year. I will still be checking and responding to the comments, but I will not post for a couple of weeks to give myself some time to spend with the family. This has kind of become a yearly tradition, and one that keeps me fresh. Posting a new blog post everyday can start to get to you after a while. This coming year will be my fifth doing so. I have learned a few tricks to keep it fresh and fun. Taking a holiday break is one of those.


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