Star Wars Day

Is There a New Star Wars Movie Coming Out Or Something?

In case you have been living under a rock for the last few months you probably know that the new Star Wars movie comes out tomorrow. Actually here in West Lafayette we have showings of it tonight. Last weekend Purdue had a Star Wars day before the men’s basketball game, and I went up into the concourse area to see what all the fuss was about. It was really cool to see the fans interacting, and getting their photos taken with the characters from the movie. Here Darth Vader and two of his men pose for me.

When Your Crazy Ideas Come to Life

I remember the first time that I walked into the newly renovated Mackey Arena the first thing I noticed was the floor. I remember thinking that it looked like the floor of the Death Star. As I was making the photo above that thought came back into my mind, and I chuckled. In a perfect world I could have spent some time with the characters making some interesting photos. As it was I stepped in really quick to make this photo. Maybe one day I can run into one of these legions who needs some photos taken, and we can both benefit from the fun.

Two Hours To Revisit My Childhood

As a child I cannot think of anything bigger than Star Wars. I remember one Christmas where the floor was littered with nearly every action figure from the Empire Strikes Back. I don’t have any of them now, but tonight it will be fun to revisit a small portion of my childhood for a couple of hours. Once the movie is over it will be back to reality, but for a couple of hours it will be great to watch Han Solo and Leia in action again.


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