Purdue Basketball vs. Howard

#11 Purdue Routs the Howard Bison

Last night with about twenty minutes to go before gametime I realized that I could attend the Purdue basketball game against Howard. I have really been enjoying what I have been seeing from the team, and I wanted to see them in person again. My plan was just to stay for the first half, and then get home to do some editing. Of course the team played so well in the first half that I decided to stay for some of the second. When the subs started rolling in, and the game slowed down I finally decided to head home. I had a blast shooting the game though. The next home game for Purdue I will be shooting for the opponent so I want be having as much fun watching the Boilers play. If you have not been to a Boiler game this year then you need to get yourself to Mackey Arena to see them play. They have a great team that plays as a team. One player that has been a real treat to watch this season is Caleb Swanigan. ‘Biggie’ treats every rebound as his own. He never gives up on a ball. He is just part of this special team that deserves your attention.

An Assist From Tom Campbell

If you have read this blog for a while then you know that the first photographers name that I knew at Purdue was Tom Campbell. I used to get my Gold and Black Illustrated and flip through the photos that Tom had in it. It is funny how things work out that I now find myself on the same baseline as Tom. In the photo above his lights went off just as I was making my exposure. The lights are bright, and about two stops higher than what I was set for. Thanks to the power of Lightroom and shooting in RAW though I was able to bring the photo back a bit. With the image being a bit overexposed with the background darker I decided to make a very contrasty (real photography term) black and white image. I liked the way that it turned out. If you want to see more of Tom’s work along with the other Purdue photographers you can see their game images on their Exposure page here.

Bonus Photos

Here are a couple of other photos from the game that I liked.


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