Introducing Biggie

The Purdue Basketball Intros

One of the really cool additions to Mackey Arena this year is the new LED lighting system. Those lights do not need a warm up time so the team can do some interesting things with the introductions. Since I first saw the photos of the intros I had an idea for a photo using the light from the show to light the stadium. I thought it would be much like the intro for the Indy Fuel where the fire lights up the crowd. That really is not the case here, but it still turned out to be a pretty interesting shot. It is a shot of Mackey Arena that I have never made before, and after shooting many, many games in that stadium that is saying something.

Finding a Familiar Spot

When I make my wider shots of the arena I tend to head back to a familiar spot. Just to the left of where I made this photo I used to sit for basketball games. I had a great seat right above one of the tunnels in to the stadium. With nobody in front of me to block my camera I made many photos of games from my seat. I don’t think any of them have held up well as they are shots from the cheap seats, but they did progress my love of sports photography. Here that old seat location was perfect because it kept me close to the show while still showing off the stadium. With a long season ahead where floor seating will become an issue I will have to think of more outside of the box shot ideas.


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