Boston College and Purdue Play in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge

Boston College Wins a Thriller

Last night I was back in Mackey Arena, but this time shooting for the Boston College Eagles. It is weird sitting on the opposite side of the court during a game, but once the game starts you are so focused you don’t realize who you are shooting for. Earlier in the day I did some reading on the team and saw that they had not won a Big Ten/ACC Challenge game since 2010. As the game was getting near the end with that in mind I knew that the bench would explode if they did indeed win. They did just that, and they gave me some good pictures in the process. This was a great game that went down to the final seconds. With about seven seconds left in the game Nicole Boudreau hit a three pointer that gave Boston College a two point lead. In a game where both teams matched each other down the stretch Purdue could not match the score on their final possession. I will be back in Mackey Arena on Sunday shooting for the Dayton Flyers. I can only hope that the game is as good as the one I saw last night. You really live for games like this as a photographer. Everything seemed to go right, and the team I was shooting for won. The emotion they showed after the game was great too.

The Game Winner

The photo above is of Nicole Boudreau hitting the game winning shot in the final seconds of the game. This was the one time that I stood up the entire game. I had the entire baseline to work with, and I was not going to let a ref get in my way. In an instance like this you are watching the ref out of the corner of your eye along with the action through your lens. When Nicole had the ball I thought she could do one of two things. The shot which you see above, or a pass inside to Mariella Fasoula who had dominated the game so far. She took the shot, and luckily her entire face was not blocked. I watched her shoot prior to the game thinking that it was not good form for where I would have to sit during the game. Luckily things turned out well, and she is visible as the ball is in the air. I chose to go a little wider here to show more of a sense of place and time. A tightly cropped shot of Nicole shooting could have been from any moment in the game. The wide view shows the tense nature of the moment.

Switching Gears

Tonight I will be in Indy shooting the Indy Fuel for the team. I love hockey, but around here I don’t get much of a chance to photograph the sport. Purdue has a club team that you have to travel to Indy to see play. I have not been to a sporting event in the newly renovated Pepsi Colosseum yet so it should be a fun shoot. I am sure that I will have some photos to share tomorrow from my experience.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos that I liked from the game last night. Being the only photographer on the opposing baseline means that you can move around a bit to vary your shots. I really like that flexibility so I can make some photos that look somewhat different throughout the game.


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