Top 15 Purdue Football Photos of 2015

My Favorite 15 Purdue Football Photos of 2015

Now that the Purdue football season is over it is time to look back at my favorite photos from the 2015 season. I like to look back over all of my photos from a season to see just how far I have come, and to see what I can improve on. I think that you can always improve no matter what level that you are at. The record may not show it, but I had a great time photographing the Purdue Football team this season. They play with guts and emotion, and that really translates into great photos. With the season now over we can look at my favorite 15 images from the season.

15. I thought that I would start this countdown off with a little fun with light. During the homecoming game against Illinois the shadow from the press box covered the field. What was left here was a little strip of light that came across a field goal try by Purdue kicker Paul Griggs. A moment that normally would have been forgotten is now a little cooler because of the light.

14. I had some fun trying out some new equipment during the first Purdue home game of the year. I was playing with the longer reach that I had, and trying to capture some moments a little better. This photo has been one that I have liked all year long. I really cannot place why that is, but it has been one of my favorites since I made it.

13. In the first quarter of the Purdue game against Indiana D.J. Knox broke towards the end zone. I thought that he scored on the play, but he was ruled down just shy of the goal line. I love the look of determination on his face here along with the dirt from a battle just begun on his jersey.

12. This photo was made at the end of the first half of the opening game of the season. Just before the play started I made my way to the end line on the side that I thought the play would open up to. Actually the side that I hope the play would open up to. My guess was right, and Dan Monteroso made his catch of the last second Hail Mary pass facing me. I think this photo would have been much higher on the countdown if the band that was located in the background had not left already to take the field for the half. The littered empty stands take away from the photo in my mind.

11. David Blough made his first start for the Boilermakers against Bowling Green, and he wasted no time in getting his first touchdown. I love the emotion of all involved here as they celebrate that touchdown. The colors of the uniforms add a nice element to the photograph as well.

10. If you have read this blog very long then you know by know that the first photo on the blog was of Danny Anthrop. By sheer chance a lot of my milestone moments have had something to do with Danny. I wanted one solid image of him from this season because of that fact. This photo of a kick return against Virginia Tech was one from the season that I really liked.

9. A lot of my photography success has occurred during the tenure of Coach Hazell at Purdue. During the final game of the year the wire photographers were looking for photos of him in case something happened during the off season. They wanted a grimace or another face that showed displeasure. I set out to make an image on the opposite side of that. This image as David Hedelin made his way towards him during the senior ceremony was just that photo. Darrell is a good man that represents the school very well. I liked this small moment that showed him in a good light.

8. One shot that I love to make is this one. As the player is running free to the end zone they look to the jumbotron to see where the defense is behind them. That look up at the scoreboard give me a great look inside of the helmet of Gregory Phillips. Often a great shot is ruined because you cannot see the player. Here you get a sense of everything in this shot.

7. Sometimes the best shots occur well after the play was made. Here Anthony Brown had just made a big play. He ran across the field to where Frankie Williams was, and they jumped up to celebrate. I don’t remember what I made of the actual play, but this shot after the play I remember much more.

6. This shot is one that I like because of the history behind it as well as what was said just before I pressed the shutter. I won’t comment on what was said, but it was good enough to get both of these Purdue greats laughing. If you don’t know who they are then I will tell you that they are former coach Joe Tiller and receiver Vinny Sutherland. I was a student while they were doing their thing, and it was great to see them both back on campus. I had a volleyball match to get to before they could be honored at the half so I was glad to make a photo before that.

5. I made this photo early in the year before the season even started. I was part of the media day activities, and I was capturing the players as they interacted while all of the posed shots were being made. After a while I brought out my flash and TTL cord and started trying some things. Purdue sophomore Ja’Whaun Bentley gave me a great look that I loved. It was a change up from what I was doing at the time, and I liked the look. The fact that Bentley is a great player adds to the photo as well.

4. Speaking of great players I think that freshman Markell Jones will be a great one when his Purdue career is over. Here I lucked out as I decided to try something different when Purdue was in the red zone. I stayed on him with my 400mm lens, and he held the ball up to show the official who would have been running in next to me. That looked like he was posing for me which was nice.

3. Purdue quarterback Austin Appleby was a gamer during the final game of the season against Indiana. He was knocked out briefly with a hard hit, but stayed in to keep the Boilers hopes for a win alive. Here just before the end of the third quarter he fights off a defender to keep a play alive. That would allow Markell Jones to score later to pull the Boilers back into the game.

2. There were many great moments during the win against Nebraska. As Purdue senior Jordan Jurasevich scored he was mobbed by his teammates who will thrilled for him. I love the emotion here. I have a couple of frames of his actual catch, but I liked this celebration shot much more.

  1. My favorite shot of the season was this one of Danny Anthrop celebrating with the fans after the win against Nebraska. As the clock was running down the rumor was that the fans were going to rush the field. I think that they should have. For some reason rushing the field has become this thing that has to meet a checklist of things that must happen before the fans can take the field. I agree that those things could not be checked off, but this team needed the rush. They wanted to celebrate with the fans, but when the fans didn’t come to them they jumped up into the stands to them. Sometimes when things finally go your way you need to throw away the snobbish list and rush the field because it is the fun thing to do. In a way though I am glad that the fans stayed in the stands because I was able to make this photo. It is one of my favorites, and will show up in another best of list before the year is over I am sure.

So there it is, my favorite fifteen images from the 2015 Purdue football season. Next season I want to hold off on this list until after the new year before I can put it out. One of my bucket list items that I have yet to check off is photographing the Boilers in a bowl game from the sidelines. 2016 seems like a good year to do that.



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