Making a Display of Your Pizza

A Great View of the Process

While in Ocean City, Maryland last year I tried to make a few different pictures than I had in previous years. I wanted to get a closer look at life on the boardwalk. While you walk up and down the famous boardwalk you see many french fry, ice cream, and pizza shops. Each one tries to entice you in using different strategies. Here they put the pizza makers right in the front window so you can see them doing their job. It did not work for us as we kept walking by, but I did manage to make a photo of the event.

Looking Ahead

Yesterday I had some time to think about things as I spent a lot of time in a waiting room. I spent some time editing, and some time going through some photos. I realized that it might be time to get off of the brakes. I have been dragging the brakes so to speak for a little while now on a couple of opportunities thinking that the phone may ring with one that I really want. As I sat thinking yesterday I realized that my thinking the phone will ring was nothing more than wishful thinking. Instead of waiting for what might be it is time to move to what can be. I have resisted working for the wires for a while now as I think that they come in and take pictures. I really want to work with the teams to make pictures. Maybe I can find a way to make pictures for the wire services without feeling that I am taking them.


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