Sunrise in Ocean City

When You See Something Beautiful, Turn Around

It sounds crazy, but one thing that I always tell photographers just starting out is that even though something amazing is happening in front of you, something even greater may be happening behind you. Here on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland the show was still in front of me, but I like this shot down the beach too. I like to try and go against the grain a little. When everyone is pointing their cameras in one direction I like to try and find something else to photograph. If you are ever with a large group during a sunrise or sunset you will notice that they usually are all making a very similar photo. Turn your camera around at times to make something a little different.

A Long Day

Today has already been a long day for me. I think that I picked this photo of a place that I love to kind of offset that a little. As I write this my father is about mid way through a quadruple bypass surgery. I am no stranger to the surgery waiting rooms of a hospital, but no matter how many times you are in one the wait is never easy. Sometimes you need to escape to a place like Ocean City, Maryland for a little while if only in your head. Looking back through my photos allowed me to do just that.


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