Top 15 Soccer Photos of 2015

My Favorite Fifteen Soccer Photos of 2015

This year I shot far less soccer than I have in the last couple of years. As it turned out things just turned out where I was always shooting somewhere else it seems like. I was able to see some great matches though when I was able to attend. I even shot my first Purdue soccer match for Purdue which was a nice thing. Even though I did not shoot many games I made some images that I am proud of. So here are my favorite fifteen soccer images from 2015.

15. This year I was able to photograph a few games that were very fun. The game at Indiana for the Boot might have been the most fun because they played great, and came away with the hardware. Usually the game that is the most fun to shoot is the alumni game. Each year the current team takes on an alumni team at the Purdue Soccer Complex. This year it was a little more hidden than it has been in years past. I was only able to see the final minutes of the game, but it is fun photographing some of the girls again. It is also a chance for me to photograph my niece, something I was never able to do while she played at Purdue. Here I have a shot of one of my favorite soccer players to photograph Hadley Stuart. When I was just starting out shooting the sport many of my first good images were of Hadley. Of course I figured out later that almost every image of her looked good. Some athletes play a certain way that just makes good pictures all of the time. Hadley was one of those players.

14. Here is the first of a few shots from the Golden Boot game at Bloomington this season. It was a fun game to cover, and I think that I came away with a few good shots from the game. At one point I stood near midfield risking it a little in order to get some close up shots of the action. Because the game is largely played on the ground you have to wait for just the right time to make your shots. This header was just that moment.

13. The other sports at Purdue really came out to support the soccer team this season. Here Hannah Lenient brings the ball up the side of the field. I think this is an ordinary moment, but I like the fact that the Purdue logo and name are right there in the shot. The full stands make this a very pleasing photo to me.

12. Sometimes you like just a clean trading card picture. This is one of those. Purdue defender Gabby LaMere brings the ball up the field, and is completely isolated.

11. I call this an ABC sports photo. All in one frame you have the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. These moments tell a story in one photo very well. This year I have been lucky enough to make these in a few different sports. Soccer is a sport that is all about effort. When you give your all, and the other team scores the common reaction is to collapse much like the Missouri player is doing here. I have seen it a lot, and it is great when you can capture everything in one frame.

10. This year the Harrison soccer team had a phenomenal season. The broke through to make it to the state title game in Indianapolis. This was a great season for all of the seniors. I photographed the first half of their senior night this season. They had a comfortable lead at the half so I left with the family. They did give me some great moments to see though while I was there.

9. Here is another shot from the Golden Boot game in Bloomington. Erika Arkans had a great game, and it showed in my final photos. She really seemed to want the win. Here she controls a loose ball. I think a lot was working for me here in the way that the players are layered behind her. For some reason I just like this photo.

8. If you stay for an entire Purdue soccer game than it seems as if this is something you will see at some point. I don’t think anyone gives the effort like Maddy Williams does. At one point in the match she will race a ball to the goalie that most would give up on. There is always that chance that something might happen because of it. The hurdle over the goalie is a shot that I made a few times this season, but this one was my favorite. I think it has to do with the ball not being controlled. Anything could happen after this point.

7. Just before the player introductions at IU I heard a little chatter that the chest bumps might be fun. I put myself in a position with the team to capture them. Here I focused on the very first player, and that shot ended up being my favorite. I think the sky at dusk really adds to this photo.

6. Here is an example of just how cool a backlit player can be. With the sun behind her Hannah Leinert pops out of the photo a little. An added bonus is the fact that the reflection off of the ball lights her face a little.

5. I made this photo during the first soccer match that I shot this season. I was testing out my 400mm on the sport. I knew what it could do already, but I wanted to push just how long I could use it. Here I kept on Nicole Robertson a little longer than I should have with the lens. As the ball took a high bounce I made a few frames, and I really liked how this one turned out. It is a nice tight action shot.

4. Here is one more shot from Harrison senior night. The light was fantastic for most of the time that I shot the game. I love how the hue of the lights plays with the sky at dusk. Two players in the shot with all four feet off of the ground is not bad either. Harrison really did have a great season, and I was glad that I was able to see part of it in person.

3. Sometimes things just work in your favor. This was one of those times. As the sky started to change during a Purdue soccer game earlier this season I spent most of my time directly across from the press box making some images from that angle. It was a decent sunset that did not turn into what I was hoping it would have. Just when I thought that my sunset would not work out a little pink showed up at one end of the field. I made my way to this spot hoping some action would come my way. I knew that with my wide angle on that it would have to be just the right situation. Anything not right in front of my camera would look too far away. Then a shot sailed over the net allowed Purdue goalkeeper Jordan Ginther a chance to kick the ball in. I waited until she was just pushing off to make the image. It is not really peak action, but it is enough to make an interesting photo.

Andrea Petrina of Purdue University celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal in the first half against Missouri on August 30, 2015

2. Early in the season it seemed like every goal that Purdue scored was a huge one. The celebrations were fantastic. Many other photographers captured some great moments after a goal this season at the Purdue Soccer Complex. This one was my favorite that I made thought. Andrea Petrina had just scored her first collegiate goal, and she put on quite a show. I actually put an entire series from this goal up on my Facebook page the next day because she enjoyed the goal so much. Who could blame her? This is the emotion that you set out to capture when you head to the game.

  1. Speaking of emotion this photo is full of it. Purdue had just taken the Golden Boot back from Indiana. The seniors had not held the boot yet so this was a big moment for them. In fact the entire team wanted a piece of the trophy. I loved the way that they all reached out to it, and the looks on their faces. This was by far my favorite soccer shot of the season. You may see it show up again on this site by the end of the year.

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