Purdue Volleyball vs. Nebraska

Purdue Faces a Top Ten Opponent at Home

Last night I was back in Holloway Gymnasium to photograph the Purdue volleyball team take on Nebraska. After shooting for the opponent a few times this season it was nice to be able to shoot for the Boilers. When you shoot for the other team you have to root for some good things to happen so that you can make some good photos. It is nice to be on Purdue’s side again. They are an exciting team to watch, and even in defeat give you some great images. I don’t think the night went as anyone had planned, but once again the Boiler Box was filled with fans. Photos always look a little better with the fans in the background, and that was no problem tonight. You can tell the draw that this team has when everyone takes a weeknight to come and see the Boilers play. Saturday night I expect to see a standing room only crowd to watch the Boilers. With a good end to the season maybe I can photograph Purdue in the NCAA Tournament.

More Photos From the Match

Instead of my normal photo gallery below I will direct you to the Purdue Exposure page here to see more photos from the match. This will be a busy homecoming sports weekend for me. Whenever I publish a list of what I will cover it seems to change, but here is what I plan on shooting this weekend. Friday night I will shoot the Purdue hockey team against Indiana. This should be a great matchup to see. Saturday I will be back in Ross Ade Stadium to see the Boilers go for Big Ten win #2 on the season. Purdue also has another volleyball match on Saturday night that I could shoot. Sunday I will do something that I have not done in a long time. That is shoot basketball. To get back into the swing of things I plan on shooting both the Purdue men’s and women’s games Sunday. They are exhibition games for the teams, and they will be for me as well. Expect a few posts to come out of all of that. On top of all of the sports action is everything else that comes with homecoming weekend.


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