Josh Bell’s Icy Debut Wins the MiLBY at Photo of the Year!

Thank You For Your Support of My Photo

Before I talk about the results of the contest I just want to give you all a special thank you for your votes. This was a fan driven contest, and I won because of the support of many of you. For the couple of weeks that the contest was going on I kept adding a paragraph to the blog asking for your help. You delivered big time helping me win the award. My photo took 51% of the vote. Nearly 60,000 votes were cast for it. That is mind blowing to me. I really can’t thank you enough for your votes.

The MiLBY Photo of the Year

That night in Indianapolis I was extremely lucky. The whole series of events leading up to the moment when Josh Bell had the ice dumped on his head was a very lucky series of events. Shooting sports requires a lot of things, but to make a good picture you also have to have a little luck. That night a lot of things came together for me to make the photo that would eventually be chosen as the photo of the year. With all of that being said when I was placed in the right place and the right time I made the photo. I think that Josh Bell is in line to do some great things during his career. I feel very lucky to have been able to document his first step at the Triple A level. Over at the MiLB website they have written up a story on the photo which you may enjoy. You can find that here.

The End of the Baseball Season

I really like a challenge. I mean to even think you can make it as a sports photographer in this day and age is a crazy concept to begin with. I would love to top this photo with another one next season. With that in mind though the baseball season is now over. Kansas City beat the New York Mets to end the season a few nights ago. I always go crazy waiting for the new season to start, but this off season might be even harder now. I think that next year will be another interesting year for me as far as baseball goes. I have a few more goals that I would like to cross off of my list so we will see just what I can do. In the next couple of days I will post my favorite baseball photos of 2015. Can you guess which photo is number one?


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