Odysseus Travels Home

Enjoying the Bard’s Pond

While back home for a few hours this past weekend I made a few photos of the Bard’s Pond on the campus of Purdue North Central. The area in the background here was one where I have spent some time in the past when I needed some study time alone. As I would study Odysseus would be out on the pond continuing his never ending journey back home. Over ten years later I see that he is still on that journey.

The Ever Channing Face of Purdue North Central

It is really amazing just how much the campus of Purdue North Central has changed in the 20 years since I first set foot on campus. Back then it was a three building campus with the paint still drying on the third building. The new building was called the Technology Building. I assume that was because it had a state of the art computer lab in it. The campus has changed quite a bit, but many things stayed the same. I think that the same could be said for me. It was great being back on campus. I may have to visit it one more time with a few more photo ideas in mind once they are done with the construction they are doing.

2015 MiLBY’s Photo of the Year

This year I covered only four games for the Indianapolis Indians, but I was blessed with some great action to photograph. My image of Josh Bell getting an ice bath after a 13th inning walk off hit in his first triple A game was nominated for the photo of the year by Minor League Baseball. I don’t ask for a lot, but if you could vote for it here that would be great. I am up against some great photos so I will need all the votes that I can get.

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