Purdue Wins the Monon Spike

Purdue Wins the Monon Spike Match in Bloomington

Last night I travelled to Bloomington to watch the Purdue volleyball squad take on the Indiana Hoosiers. Purdue has been having a great season so far leading the Big Ten. One thing that you hope that they can retain every year is the Monon Spike. This is the award given to the team who wins the designated game between Purdue and Indiana every season. Last year I was lucky enough to see Purdue win the spike in Holloway Gymnasium. This year I had to go a little farther to see it, but it was worth the trip. Purdue won in straight sets winning the match about as easy as you can.

One thing of note is that the gym was dark enough that I barely used my Canon 7D Mark II. I love the camera when I have enough light to use it, but when the light fades the noise is just too much for me. In fact by the third set I had put away my 7D, and I was just shooting the match using my Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 24-105mm f/4 lens attached to it. Maybe it was the fact that I was looking at the images of George Silk during the day, but I liked being pulled back a bit more. The shot below is one that I really like, and I would never have made it with a longer lens on my camera. I went to Bloomington with a shorter kit than normal knowing that I wanted to give a sense of place. I have not shot many sports with the 24-105, but so far it seems up to the task. I may test it a bit more Saturday at football and volleyball.

Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery

As with most matches I have a few extra photos to share with you. Once again I have made an Exposure page for the match. I like the way that the site makes my photos look. You can find the page here.

2015 MiLBY’s Photo of the Year

This year I covered only four games for the Indianapolis Indians, but I was blessed with some great action to photograph. My image of Josh Bell getting an ice bath after a 13th inning walk off hit in his first triple A game was nominated for the photo of the year by Minor League Baseball. I don’t ask for a lot, but if you could vote for it here that would be great. I am up against some great photos so I will need all the votes that I can get.


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