Lafayette Theater Open Mic Night | Concert Photography

Trying My Hand At Concert Photography

I have been really wanting to get out and photograph a concert for a while now. This past summer I picked up the book All Access by Alan Hess, and I was really inspired to get out and give it a try. Things just have not lined up for me as something always got in the way. Wednesday night I finally was able to give it a go. I really enjoyed using the light to my advantage. The musicians were heavily backlit with very little light on them from the front. I did like how they kept changing up the lighting though throughout the night. I was able to get a few different looks to see how I would adapt. Each band had three songs to sing so I was basically shooting them with the three song rule. I had to capture something that showed who they were in a short period of time. I came away from my experience with a need to shoot more, but also a great appreciation for those that do this for a living.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the night. I did not shoot the entire show, but I did have fun shooting for a little over an hour.


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