Purdue Boilermakers Soccer vs. the Evansville Aces

Purdue Beats Evansville 1-0

Last night I was at the Purdue soccer game to make some images. I was not there in any official capacity, but it was fun to get out and make some images. As seems the case in a win Purdue scored very early in the game. They hung tough the rest of the way to make that one goal stick. During the game we kind of had it all. A light rain came down during the first half. It looked as if it could pick up so I decided that I had some nice images, and I packed it up to go home. Just down the road I saw the sun starting to come out from behind the clouds. That is the kind of thing that produces an epic sunset. I turned my car around to head back to the soccer field. For most of the second half I sat on a couple of images. I wanted to show the beautiful light, but also include some players in the foreground. Sadly for me Purdue was not really letting Evansville near their goal when the light was behind the stadium. I had a second chance when the sky over the scoreboard lit up a bit. I went behind the goal again hoping for some action to come my way. Luckily for me Purdue goalie Jordan Ginther came right in front of my lens preparing to kick the ball. The sky did not light up like I thought that it would, but it was good enough to make a little different soccer photo than I am used to.

The new davewegielphoto.com

A New Website

Lately I have been thinking about updating my website. I love what SmugMug has allowed me to do over the years. I wanted something a bit cleaner than what I had with less clutter. I decided that this was best done away from the SmugMug platform. Using the tools inside of Squarespace I was able to build a new website fairly quickly. If you want to go and check it out you can by clicking here, or by visiting davewegielphoto.com or davewegielphoto.net. As you can tell by that I have also moved away from using Pinola Photo. I don’t know if this is a permanent move yet, but it is a start. My name is misspelled so often that I have always been hesitant to use it in my branding. I found something that would work for me, and was easier to spell. Of course people have assumed Pinola is my last name over the course of the last few years. As this endeavor picks up steam though I thought that I needed to incorporate my name back into my business. This is the first step of that process. Pinola Photography will always be the name of my business, but for my sports work and wedding work I need to step away from that a bit.

Purdue vs. Evansville Photo Gallery

I did make a few images that were not with my 17-40mm lens. Here are some of the images that I liked from the game. Today I will be in Terre Haute photographing some football. After a long layoff it will be good to photograph the boys with the pigskin again. Tonight was another great warm up for that day. Soccer is a similar sport in some ways, but a lot harder in others to photograph. You need the ball and the face, and they are usually about 5 1/2 feet apart from each other. Tonight I had the 400mm on my Canon 7D Mark II. Being in that tight can make you miss a lot of shots. When it hit though I really liked what I got.


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