Henna Tattoos In Ocean City Maryland

A Henna tattoo is applied on the boardwalk of Ocean City, Maryland

Getting a Tattoo That Is Not Permanent

This year in Ocean City I tried to capture some of the details of the trip that I had not captured before. Here I liked this moment when my step daughter was getting a henna tattoo. The artist at work here was really amazing. She took on some jobs that I don’t think many of the other artists on the boardwalk would have. You would think that something as intricate as the above tattoo would need a stencil to achieve, but it did not. It was simply a case of a great artist doing her thing. You can see the design that she was going off of, and the improvements that she made to it. I am glad that I captured this moment in time.

Using the Canon 24-105mm Lens

This was one of the first days that I took the Canon 24-105mm lens out with me. I liked the idea of the wide range in an L series lens, but I didn’t know what to expect. The 105mm end helped me get in close here without interfering with the process too much. I have since really come to love this lens. I have had times where I want a little more on either end, but in a situation like this you can zoom in with your feet.


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