Trey Ratcliff in Chicago

Trey Ratcliff Comes to Chicago

Last night I was in Chicago to be part of a photowalk with none other than Trey Ratcliff. A few people that have followed me since the beginning of this site know how my rebirth in photography happened. I picked up photography again in July of 2011. This blog started in October 2011 as a way for me to show the photos I made during a photo 365 project that I was working on. In November I found Trey’s site Stuck in Customs. I was then hooked on the HDR process. I was not hooked in the best way though. I would use HDR processing on everything. I used HDR processing on pizza, dogs, and many other things that absolutely did not need it. I fell in love with the look though. Thankfully my images have improved since then, but I still go to Trey’s site for inspiration. He really does see the world in a different way than most of us. It was amazing to walk alongside of him to see why and where he decided to stop and make photos. It was also great to meet Trey and Fredrick Van Johnson at the after party. After listening and watching both of them for a while it was nice to get to talk to them in person. The walk itself was so big that it seemed to be living on its own. I would be near Trey for a while, and then find myself out of the walk altogether. Be the end of the walk I was so far behind that I missed the end. I did get to the after party though thanks to Uber. If you haven’t used Uber yet you need to. I can’t think of another way other than walking to get across town in a big city for under $5.

Meeting Someone That You Look Up To In Person

I am around a lot of people that I should be star struck by quite a bit. A lot of athletes that many get star struck by really don’t bother me. For some reason though I was a bit star struck meeting Trey. The first time I talked to him I mumbled a bit. Trey is such a good guy though that you quickly lose that, and you can just talk. He will be the first person to tell you that you shouldn’t get star struck talking to him. Reflecting a bit on the way to and from Chicago yesterday I realized just how much of my photography has been shaped by Trey. This little blog morphed into a format much like his. I remember watching one of his early videos to see just how to make my header bigger before they gave me a pull down menu to do so. You really couldn’t ask for a better person to make photos with, and I hope that I can do it again sometime. Today I thought that I would post this shot of Trey. Over the course of the next couple of days I will post a couple of other images from the walk.


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