Carlton Fisk Gets His Statue at U.S. Cellular Field

Seeing Your Boyhood Idol In Person

For those that don’t know my childhood baseball idol was Carlton Fisk. You probably can figure that out very easily by just glancing at this blog. 30 years ago at the end of this month I met him when I attended my first MLB game. He quickly became my favorite player, and I made many terrible trades as a baseball card fan just to get more of his cards. Ten years ago today I was at U.S. Cellular Field to see the White Sox unveil his statue. It was a great moment for sure. I got to the park very early to be first in line. I then raced to the outfield to get front and center for the presentation. I had a few VIP’s in my way, but I was as close as I could be. It was a great moment that I will never forget. That was part of a great season for me as a White Sox fan. The reconciled with my favorite player, and then went on to win the World Series.

Using the ‘New’ Equipment

I used my new camera at the time to record this moment. It was a Kodak DX7440. It had to be a sports camera because it had a burst mode that would allow me to make multiple images at once. It was a step up from my previous point and shoot for sure. It would be replaced within a year by my first dSLR though as I was starting to really get into photography at that point. At the time though I didn’t think that anything could have beaten that camera. It made many images for me in a short period of time. I had no luck at night or indoors with action though, and that led to it getting mothballed. My father still uses the camera so I can say for sure that it has been a durable camera.

The Best Camera is the One That You Have With You

Right now we live in a great age to make photos. Canon just released a 50mp camera, and Nikon has a great 30mp camera that I am sure they are building on. Most of the photos on this website are taken with a camera that is around 20mp. I do however use a wide variety of cameras from my Canon 5D Mark III down to my iPhone to make photos. At the end of the day you have to use what you have. I get questions sent to me about what camera to buy quite a bit. It is usually hard for me to tell someone what to buy because it all depends on the person. For sports the answer I would give would always be the Canon 1DX if money was no issue. It tends to be an issue though, and I don’t always know what everyone’s situation is. At the time that I made the above photo my situation allowed me to have the Kodak DX7440. That had a huge 4mp sensor on it. Can I blow that photo up to be a large print? Probably not. In this day and age though most of your photos are seen on a phone screen. That old Kodak would look great on my iPhone in most situations I think. If you are thinking of buying a new camera you are the best judge of what you should buy. Remember though that you have plenty of options that will make good photos for you. You don’t always have to have the best. With that in mind I will go back to dreaming about the 1DX.


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