Back at the Engineering Fountain on the Campus of Purdue

Having Some Fun in the Summer at Purdue

This year has been much busier than past summers. We usually take advantage of the Purdue campus much more than we have this year. Last week I made a trip to campus to try some things during the harsh light of midday. I normally would not shoot landscapes at that time of day, but it was the time that I had free to do so. I made a wide arc around campus looking for some interesting things to photograph. A lot of the campus is under construction right now so either my subject was being worked on, or it was in the background that I wanted. That is a bad thing for my photography, but it is a good thing for the campus. Some things like the fountain pictured above stay the same while everything around it changes slowly over time. Even the fountain has undergone some changes. This was a scene that still had some construction in the background, but careful positioning would hide it.

Using the Lee Big Stopper

Last year I purchased the Lee Big Stopper after seeing some great results with it. I really have not used it like I thought that I would. It is easy to use, and it makes an interesting scene even more interesting at times. I really need to get out and use it more. This trip to campus was done solely to use the Big Stopper. The clouds were not quite right for it, but it did make them a bit more interesting to me. I was able to make a 30 second exposure with it during the midday light. That is something that you cannot get close to without it.


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