Kokomo Jackrabbits vs. Hannibal Cavemen Part 2

The Kokomo Jackrabbits celebrate their win against the Hannibal Cavemen on July 31, 21015

Kokomo Wins a Solid Game in Front of a Packed House

Friday night I was in Kokomo for the second night in a row to photograph the Jackrabbits. This has been a fun job that will end in a week. There is something about baseball at this level that is very pure. The players and staff are all in it together. It is great to see the players come up into the stands before the games to thank the fans for coming. At first I thought that this was something that was put on by the team, but then I realized that it was the same people all of the time. It really seems genuine. They had a lot to thank Friday night as it was a new stadium record. They did not disappoint as they pulled off the win to split the series with the Hannibal Cavemen.

A multi exposure of David Anderson pitching for the Kokomo Jackrabbits on July 31, 2015

A New Take on the Multi-Exposure Shot

During the game I made my typical three shot multi-exposure. It worked very well, and the player that I photographed pitching with the multi is coming to Purdue this season. With that in my pocket I was ready to photograph the end of game celebration. I decided to try something when David Anderson came into the game to pitch though. I cranked the number of exposures to seven to try to capture his unique motion. With two outs in the inning I knew that I was playing with borrowed time. The first shot was a little too bright so I made a guess on where to adjust my shutter speed just before he went to the plate again. Thankfully I guess right as I only had that chance to make this shot. I think that I am a little bored with the three shot version of this so I liked the change up. I thought that the motion worked very well for the shot as well. I wondered what others thought of it so I crowd sourced peoples opinions on the various groups that I belong to online. It is weird how it turned out. Most of the sports photographers liked the idea and the shot. In groups that are more for general photographers they really nit picked the shot apart. They also did not like the fact that he is partially hidden in some of the frames. I think it is an interesting shot anyway that I may try again. What do you think about the shot?

Bonus Photos

This weekend has been a great one for shooting baseball. I am a day behind in posting my photos so tomorrow I will have images from the Indianapolis Indians game against the Charlotte Knights. It went 13 innings, and the young man making his first Triple A start won the game for the home team. That capped off a great three days of photographing baseball. Here are some bonus photos from the game that I liked.

Kokomo Jackrabbits pitcher Bryce Rainey is introduced prior to his start against the Hannibal Cavemen on July 31, 2015

Kokomo Jackrabbits shortstop Chris Amato fields a ground ball during their game against the Hannibal Cavemen on July 31, 2015
Kokomo Jackrabbits pitcher Bryce Rainey delivers a pitch during his start against the Hannibal Cavemen on July 31, 2015
A multi exposure of Evan Warden pitching for the Kokomo Jackrabbits on July 31, 2015


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