South Beats North 10-3 in Midwest Collegiate All Star Game

Early Errors Too Much For the North Squad to Overcome

A couple of nights ago I visited Oil City Stadium to see the Midwest Collegiate League All Star Game. It was my first trip to Oil City Stadium, and I was very impressed with it. You can read about the stadium in yesterday’s blog post here. The South team jumped up early on the North team capitalizing on a lot of early errors. From there the game stayed even though giving the South the 10-3 win. I shot the game very light as my interest was really not on the field for most of the game. If something or someone interesting was around I shot it, but for the most part I saved space on my hard drive. I did make a few photos of Alec Olund and Jordan Lewis both of whom I was lucky enough to shoot a few times while they played at Purdue. Other than that I only made game images if it was something that I thought was cool. You had a few cool deliveries to the plate which if you follow this blog you know that I love shooting interesting pitching deliveries.


An Interesting Delivery for Nick Alfini

One delivery that really intrigued me was pitcher Nick Alfini. He threw the ball left handed, but he also fields the ball left handed. I grew up watching Jim Abbott pitch for the Angels, Yankees, Brewers, and White Sox. He made this transition because of the fact he did not have a right hand. Alfini has nerve damage that makes this a necessity for him. I cannot imagine how hard this is for him, but he does it well. I love seeing people overcome obstacles to do what they love to do. To see them doing it in an all star game is even more fun.

A Purdue Presence

One great thing about the game is that the only two Purdue Boilermakers in the league were in the All Star game. Both Jordan Lewis and Alec Olund made the roster representing the Northwest Indiana Oilmen. Before the game I caught up with both of them to make the above image. Both players played late in the game getting a couple of at bats in. This year the Boiler baseball team might surprise a few folks with the team that they have coming back.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the game. As I said I did not make many images of most of the action. I did come away from the game with what I needed though. Of course loving the game as I do I made more images than I should have.


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