Sunrise on the Magic Kingdom

Waiting For the Perfect Sunrise at the Magic Kingdom

While we were staying at the Contemporary Resort at the Magic Kingdom I would wake up before everyone else to watch the sunrise. Some days you could see right away that nothing was going to happen, and other days it was just a matter of how fast the clouds moved through. I never really got the sky lit up like I would have liked to have seen. On this morning though a little after the sun had come up I did get some nice color in the sky. An interesting cloud helped me fill the frame a bit as well.

Using the Canon 18-135mm Lens

I had not picked up my Canon 18-135mm lens since I bought my Canon 24-70mm lens a couple of years ago. I had other options that would work with my Canon 5D Mark III lens. I decided to take it on this trip though with the thought of having a little more options as far as focal length went. In the end I only used it for shots from the hotel back at the Magic Kingdom. When this site first started I used this lens a lot. It was an amazing lens for me at the time that I didn’t think I could replace. Even after dusting it off it still will give you a good result.


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