Walking Around the Disney Grand Floridian Resort

Seeing the Magnificent Grand Floridian Hotel at Disney World

Early in the trip I took the monorail to the other resorts on the system. I tried to find a couple of unique things about each of them to photograph. I was impressed the most with the Grand Floridian Hotel. The main building is what most people see when they visit, but it really is a great spread. I walked to the edge of the bay here to show some of the beauty on the grounds with a wing of the hotel in the background. I will have a little more on the Grand Floridian in the coming days.

Dodging the Storms in Orlando

Florida is a warm, humid place this time of year. Storms just seem to pop up out of nowhere. Here you can see one approaching during my short shoot. The storms rarely last long, and you usually have a chance for some interesting reflections immediately after the rain. Sometimes rain can be a bad thing, but you just have to spin it to help you out.


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