Just Hanging Around At Walt Disney World

Finding Some of the Small Details at Disney World

During my trip I did not take a lot of time to focus on my photography. The bulk of my photos involved my family. There were a few times though when I turned my camera to other things. This sculpture outside of the Be Our Guest restaurant was one of those times. The waterfall was a nice subject, but I liked the creature guarding the entrance a little more. By putting the waterfall out of focus it also helps sell the realism.

Using the Canon 17-40mm Lens

For most of the trip I used my Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 17-40mm lens on it. A couple of days before we left I had the idea of buying a 24-105mm lens, but it would not have gotten to our house in time. I think it would have been a nice walk around lens, and maybe I will pick one up before our trip to Ocean City. In a way though it was nice just having the one lens to choose from. It forced me to get in close to my subjects, and it also let me get back far enough for some of the character meet and greets. I picked up this lens at the end of winter, and it has been a great addition to my camera bag. I had a Tamron lens that was about the same focal length for about a year before this, but I like the L glass. I also like the fact that I can throw it on my crop sensor cameras and basically have a 24-70mm lens. It is a great lens that I have made some interesting pictures with during the short time that I have had it.


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