Roy Disney and His Dream

The Other Half of the Disney Empire

Most people know the story of how Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for not being creative enough. He then went on to create a massive empire that may never be matched. His older brother Roy had a big hand in the success that Disney was able to have. Roy helped run the empire for many years, and postponed his own retirement after Walt died to see the place we know was Walt Disney World come to fruition. Five years after postponing his own retirement the park was done, and in October of 1971 Roy could retire. Two months later he would die. He spent a good portion of his life helping the Disney corporation become what it is today. He named the park after his brother, but it really is Roy’s world. I like this statue just before Main St. really picks up.

Taking What You Are Given

I have said many times on this blog that I am a completionist. I struggle with cutting things out of a picture. I want to see it all. I know that I can make much more interesting things when I come in closer, but I don’t always do it. Here I was in front of the statue, but a person in a wheelchair was right up against it. They offered to move, but I didn’t want to force them out. I made what I think is a much more interesting photo than I would have just made a picture of the whole statue. Sometimes circumstances help you create something better than you would have on your own.


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