Meeting Tinker Bell at the Magic Kingdom

Meeting the Characters at the Magic Kingdom

While preparing for this trip I quickly found out that you don’t just happen to meet the characters as you walk around the park anymore. You have to meticulously plan which ones you really want to see. In the case of Anna and Elsa you have to be at your computer at a certain time like you would for a big concert. The magic of turning a corner to see one of your favorite characters is gone. It was still a thrill to watch the way that the kids interacted with the different characters. To meet Tinker Bell for instance we had to be shrunk down in order to be her size. The rest of the day was spent trying to figure out how that was done. It is called the Magic Kingdom after all.

Capturing the Moments

Most of what I will post on this blog from the trip will be a scene from the Magic Kingdom. Most of the moments I will be selfish with, and keep to myself. This is one moment that I loved as my little girl said goodbye to Tinker Bell. At 20 months you really are changing the reality of the little one. For a few days they get to ride trams and hug huge stuffed animals. They wait in lines to meet strange looking people that want to hug them. She went right along with all of that, but this week now that we are back home must seem pretty dull. These characters at Disney World are very good at what they do. They make every kid feel good, and like this is the only encounter they will have all day. It must be tiresome work, but they do it very well.


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