USF 2000 Mazda Freedom 75

The Race of the Status Quo

This was an interesting race for me. I came in expecting to see cars riding on the edge around this short track. What I saw looked more like a parade. The 75 lap race was a race with very few changes in order. In fact the top 5 never changed throughout the race. This was more like a parade than a race. It never seemed as if the cars were on the edge going into the corners. Maybe it is just the nature of the series, but I never got the feeling that the cars were going that fast.


After panning way too much this past weekend I may devote a post just to panning in the future. Here though I thought that I would talk about it a little. Panning to some extent is needed for most race photos that you make. You want the wheels of the car to have some movement in them. A game that I like to play at the track is to see just how low I can go and get good pans. Here at Lucas Oil Raceway I was able to get the tire blur at 1/250th or 1/180th of a second depending on the light at the time. I would get down to 1/10th of a second playing my little game. I like to make the background a smooth blur, and you need speed for that. Here though I had to drop the shutter speed down to get the blur that I was looking for.

Trying Something Different

While the cars were on the track getting ready for the race I was making some photos of the teams and drivers getting ready to go. I saw this helmet that I liked, and I decided to get out my fisheye to try something out. I had the fisheye mounted on my Canon 60D just ready to go in my bag for a shot inside of a sprint car. When I went over the top to get this helmet in I noticed that I could get most of the car as well. I went up as high as I could to make this shot. It is one that I like, and I thought something different. Of course when I got home I saw that this had been done many times already. It was different for me anyway.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few extra photos that I liked from race day.

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