Hanging Out At Miller Park

A panoramic view of Miller Park in MIlwaukee, Wisconsin

Time To Head Back to Miller Park

For some reason there are a couple of ball parks that I seem to visit every six years. Miller Park is one of those. I was looking for a post for today last night while watching the replay of the Dodgers and Brewers game from earlier in the day. Seeing Clayton Kershaw pitching in Miller Park reminded me of the last stop on our ballpark tour in 2009. For a couple of years a group of us would head out to visit some ballparks on a whirlwind weekend tour. This was part of a fun trip that had us see games in Beloit, St. Paul, Minnesota, and finally Miller Park on the way home. We saw some great ball games along the way. This was the first time that I had been inside of Miller Park with the roof open. I liked the look although the blazing midday sun made photos of the ballplayers interesting. Before we left I went up to the upper deck to make my stadium shot that I seem to do at every park that I visit.

Making a Panorama in Lightroom 6

I have posted part of this photo on the blog before. The middle section of just the field was part of a series of six images that I made in the hopes of making a panorama out of them. The program that I used at the time would not merge the photos though as it could not find common elements. I thought the idea was lost forever until Lightroom 6 came out. I know that you can merge photos into panoramic pictures in Photoshop CC, but I rarely make my way into Photoshop. I wanted to play around with the new element of Lightroom so I found some older photos to use. Lightroom had no problem merging the photos, and in fact did it fairly quickly. I am glad that six years later my idea for the photo could be realized. Now if I had just shot in RAW on the day this could have been a great photo.


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