Slicer Baseball at Schreiber Field

Shooting Baseball at Historic Schreiber Field

Last night while back in my hometown I decided to photograph my former high school baseball team. I had not set foot inside of Schreiber Field in about 21 years, but it was still cool to go back home so to speak for baseball. As a kid growing up LaPorte Baseball was on par with the Major Leagues for me. In middle school my friend Ryan helped me get a job putting the numbers on the manual scoreboard in center field. That scoreboard is gone, but the memories of the days watching the Slicer teams win state remain. I remember sitting in my driveway pitching up against the garage door listening to Bub Gale pitch LaPorte to a state championship. When I think of baseball I think of Ken Schreiber and the Slicers so it was nice to go back to shoot a game there. The bonus was that it is set up really well to make some great pictures at. The dugouts are dug out into the ground allowing you to walk up right behind them to shoot over. That helped me during my guessing game of where the ball is going to go late in the game. I think in the near future I would like to do a photo story on a gameday at Schreiber Field. There is a lot that goes into the game, and with a little access I think that I could do some pretty cool things.

The LaPorte Slicers Defeat the Merrillville Pirates 10-0 in Five Innings

This game was really all LaPorte from the very beginning. They had their bats going from the first inning, and kept them going into the fifth where the game was called due to the ten run rule. There were a lot of cool moments during the game, but watching Travis Upp who had been in a bit of a slump hit a home run to get the scoring going was pretty cool. Even better was watching his dad Scott who coaches the team and third base congratulate him as he came around the bases. That is what baseball is all about. As I said above it has been 21 years since I last saw a game at Schreiber Field, but it will not be that long until I see another one there. These kids have fun playing the game, and it shows on the field. I found myself having more fun just listening to their banter as the game went on. I don’t know much about the team, but from what I saw today they look like a close group that could do some of the things LaPorte expects out of their baseball team. I will keep an eye out on them for sure to see just how far they can go. 

Bonus Photos

This is the part of the post where I point to my website here where I have a gallery of images from the game. I have also included a few images below that I liked for one reason or another. I had a good time shooting the game, and I managed to put over 225 images from a five inning game up on the website.


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