West Side Baseball vs. Central Catholic | Sports Photography

Back at Bob Friend Field for More West Side Baseball

Last night I went back down to Bob Friend Field to catch a little more West Lafayette Baseball. This was the second night in a row that West Side took on Central Catholic, and the result was pretty much the same both nights. Baseball is a funny sport though, and you never know what the next meeting between the two teams could bring. This was my second West Side game in three days. With the next week getting busy I am not sure when I will get back to the field just down the street from me. I have fun photographing the boys though so I will make sure to catch at least a couple of more games before the season is over.

Another Anthrop to Photograph

One thing with seeing Central Catholic play was seeing Jackson Anthrop play baseball. I have photographed his brother Dru playing basketball for Purdue, his brother Danny as a CC star as well as a star at Purdue in Football, and now Jackson as a baseball player. This is an amazing sports family, and part of the early success of this blog was due to them.

Bonus Photos

This is where I show a couple of other photos that I liked from the game below. The light was not as great as it was Monday night, but at times it really was fantastic. I have a gallery of 100 images on my website here if you want to see my take from the game. It was only a five inning affair so I think that I did okay.


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