High School Baseball at Bob Friend Field | Sports Photography

Shooting Baseball in Some Great Light

It is funny how things work sometimes. I was supposed to be in Indy photographing the Reese’s All Star Game for UC Davis. For some reason a credential could not be given for the game so I handed the job off to a friend who was already in Indy and had a credential. Of course the player I was to cover would win the MVP of the game. I had something pretty good here in West Lafayette though. The Red Devils were starting their season off against South Newton. It was nice to get out and shoot baseball again at Bob Friend Field. I shot a lot here a couple of years ago, but I couldn’t get out to the field as much last year. The games seemed to always coincide with a Purdue game. This year I can pick and choose my schedule so I chose to shoot the West Side kids. They really appreciate my photos so it makes it a little more fun while shooting.

A Rocky Start to the Season

The game did not go as planned for West Side, but they did have some good moments. The thing about season opening games is that someone will start the season 0-1. I bet the list of teams that has gone on to win championships after losing the first game of the year is pretty long. From the lineup I saw today this is a young team that has a long season to mature and get much better. This will be a fun season to watch.

Bonus Photos

Below I have posted a couple of other photos that I liked from the game. I have a gallery of over 200 photos up here on my website.


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