Testing Out the Canon 400mm f/2.8 at Purdue Softball and Baseball | Sports Photography

Butler Takes on Purdue at Alexander Field

After waiting a couple of days to really test out the 400mm lens that I bought at Robert’s on Thursday I made the most of my Saturday. After shooting a bit at the kick scrimmage I made my way over to Alexander Field to shoot a little of the Purdue baseball doubleheader against Butler. I have shot a lot of baseball at Alexander so it is a great place to test something new out. I know the sweet spots for photos. Well with the 400 that all changed a bit. On my Canon 7D Mark II the lens is really about a 640mm lens. That sounds good unless you are used to shooting with a 200mm or 300mm lens at the stadium. I really had to change my locations to get some of the shots that I wanted. I could have put my Canon 5D Mark III on the lens, but why not play around a little? I had some fun getting in tight on the action. With that kind of lens you can get a lot closer than I could with anything else that I have had. I had brought along my 1.4x teleconverter to try out on it, but I decided shooting at almost 900mm would just be crazy. I think that I have a kit now for baseball with this lens. The 400mm on a monopod with my 70-200mm lens and a wide angle on my dual black rapid straps. This gives me a wide focal range to capture the action with. I may test this out next week at the West Side game before the season starts to pick up for me. I have been working on a few things heading into the season that I think I need to work on. It is time to put it all together before I start shooting for real.

Rutgers Visits the New Purdue Softball Complex

During the baseball game I made my way over to the softball complex to catch a couple of innings there. I saw the last two innings of the first game of a doubleheader there. It was my first time in the new stadium, and it is a huge step up from where they came from. It is basically a scaled down version of the baseball stadium with one new feature that I love. The outfield berm is a great place to catch a game, but it is also a great place to get a cool shot back into the batter. I used to jump up on the TV stand directly in line with the plate at the old stadium, but some pitchers would get in the way. At the new stadium up on the berm you can move to get a clean picture. I like the different views that you can get this way, and it just adds to the many possibilities of photos that can be made at the new stadium. I really did not bring anything to shoot much of the game except from the berm. I was testing out the big lens, and it was way too much to shoot an intimate sport like softball. I will have to make it back sometime to shoot a game there to see what I can come up with. There are some new angles that were not possible in the old stadium.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few extra photos from the day that I liked. Once again I was not really during any game coverage, but rather looking for interesting things to shoot with my new setup.

Butler third baseman Mike Kseniak makes a diving stop against Purdue

The Boilermaker Extra Special sits under the scoreboard of the new Purdue Softball Complex


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