A Milestone Night For D’Angelo Harrison

D’Angleo Harrison Becomes the Third Member of the St. John’s 2,000 Point Club

Last night I was in the Hinkle Fieldhouse to photograph the St. John’s basketball team as they took on the Butler Bulldogs. When I talked to St. John about shooting the game they let me know that D’Angelo Harrison was only three points away from joining the 2,000 point club. This is a big deal at St. John’s as only Chris Mullin and Malik Sealy have done this in school history. With that in mind I was ready to capture this moment. Three points can happen at any time so I spent a lot of the first half tracking D’Angelo. I did not want to lost him right when he made the three that would put him at 2,000. As it turned out he was fouled going to the basket, and he would get his 2,000th point at the line. The picture is below in the bonus photos. It was a good moment, but not as dynamic as it would have been during the game action. Since you cannot get an angle on the free throw shooters at Butler I had to get up and ask a cheerleader to take their spot for a moment to make the photo. It turned out okay, and I didn’t get blocked as I could have during normal action.

Shooting at Hinkle Fieldhouse Again

Hinkle is a great place to shoot. The light near the basket is not as good as it could be, but the overall stadium makes up for that. Before the game started I had an idea to make a photo. I wanted to show another angle of the stadium that I have not shown yet. I chose this spot to showcase during the National Anthem. I thought about standing here during the tip, but with a player one shot away from 2,000 points I knew that I had to be down on the court for that. The anthem was probably the better choice anyway. I love the look of the roof so I chose to show more of that than the crowd below. This is probably my favorite photo of Hinkle so far. You can purchase this photo by clicking on it.

This is the third great gym that I have visited in the past four days. It started with Case Arena on Saturday, and then visiting Assembly Hall Monday night to see the Purdue women play there. Tonight I will be in Mackey Arena to see another top 25 school come in to face the Boilers. This should be another great game in another great arena. When you shoot basketball in such great places you really can’t have anything to complain about.

Gene Keady Returns to Indiana

One highlight of the night was seeing Gene Keady and Steve Lavin. Lavin was always one of my favorite broadcasters when he was a part of ESPN. It was fun watching him coach. He would be fun to see every night as he is very animated. Gene Keady was a very animated coach himself while he was at Purdue. For most of the game though I was not seeing anything really great out of him that made a good photo. He was busy doing his thing. While a technical foul situation was being looked at though Coach Keady was having some fun with one of the referees. This was the moment, and I like the photo that came out of it.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few photos that I liked from the game. You can find the entire gallery on my website here.

D'Angelo Harrison scores the 2,000th point of his career on a free throw during the first half of the St. John's game at Butler


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