A Rough Night In Assembly Hall For the Boilers

A Slow Start Dooms Purdue

Last night I shot the rivalry game between the Indiana Hoosiers and the Purdue Boilermakers in Assembly Hall. Purdue did not get off to a good start, and the hole was too much to climb out of. Purdue only scored 17 points in the first half. As the second half started Coach Sharon Versyp left some team members on the bench. Purdue clawed back into the game though as they got within ten a couple of times. It seemed as if each time they would then get the ball with the chance to get it within single digits. They could not capitalize though. I think that once they got back within single digits that the pressure then would have shifted to Indiana to not let the lead slip away. One key basket could have really changed the outcome of this game. That did not happen though. The Barnburner Trophy now stays in Bloomington, but the Boilers have a chance to win it back next year.


Shooting in Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall was a place where I spent a lot of time a long time ago. It had been almost twenty years to the date since I last set foot in the building. It was neat to come back to visit it. I would have liked to see a Boiler win, but maybe I can next season. I will have more on the historic stadium in a later post. In the span of five days I will have shot inside of Case Arena, Assembly Hall, Hinkle Fieldhouse, and Mackey Arena. This is going to be a fun few days. Tonight I shoot for St. Johns at Butler so for all of the landscape lovers out there I am sorry to say that tomorrow will be another basketball post. The good news is that it will have photos from inside of Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few photos from the game that stuck out to me. I put up a small gallery on my website here as well.



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