An Energetic Purdue Squad Beats #25 Iowa

Purdue Gets Top 25 Win Over the Hawkeyes

Yesterday I shot my first Purdue Basketball game in almost two months. It seems as if I had another job every time that they played, or something else came up. I picked a good one to see as they played great defense in getting the 67-63 win. The baseline at Purdue has gotten very crowded lately so I shot the first half on the Purdue end standing up, and then moved forward to shoot the second half on the same side but sitting down. Overall I thought that I had a good game shooting. It was fun being back in Mackey with the crowd in the game. I will be back Wednesday night to see the Boilers take on Indiana. I am sure the crowd will be into that one. If Ray Davis has the same kind of game that he had yesterday they will have a good shot at two straight top 25 wins. That would be one huge step in the right direction.

Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

During the game Iowa guard Mike Gesell was driving hard to the hoop time after time challenging Purdue center A.J. Hammond. It was only a matter of time before he came into the photographers. Of course yesterday that photographer was me. I took a solid hit, but thankfully it was a guard, and not Isaac Haas or A.J. Hammons. If either of those guys hit me going that fast I would be dictating this post from the hospital.

Bonus Photos

Below I have posted a few bonus photos from the game. You can see the full gallery here on my website.



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