West Side Wins A Thriller Against Twin Lakes

Nai Carlisle Leads the Way For the Red Devils

Last night Nai Carlisle had a career night for West Lafayette who won a thriller 71-69 over Twin Lakes. The 32 points that Carlisle scored were enough to tip the scales. He seemed to take the game over late, and will his team to victory. I had a blast shooting the tight game. I got a late start shooting, but I tried to make up for it. I used my Canon 7D Mark II in the first half on my 70-200mm lens, and then put the Canon 5D Mark III on the Canon 70-200mm lens for the second half. I miss the fps with the 5D, but I like the added range that I get. All but one of my favorite shots from the game came during the second half when I was shooting a little looser.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the game. More photos from the game can be found on my website here.


Sports Illustrated Lays Off Its Photography Staff

This weekend will be spent making many sports images. It is the thing that I like to do. The market is saturated though, and it seems as if everyone is moving away from the traditional staff positions. The local paper has chopped two jobs in the past year or so. The staff of three is down to one. When I heard about Sports Illustrated dropping the remaining six from its staff I was shocked. This is the place that you think of when you think of the best sports photographers in the business. You have to wonder what the future holds. The six names are all big ones, but there were many photographers that were not on it. The magazine already had a big freelance pool. A week or so before the Super Bowl that pool just got a little bigger.


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