Top 14 Cityscapes of 2014

My Favorite 14 Cityscapes From the Past Year

This year I changed things up a bit. I decided to separate the landscape photos that I took in the city from the others. It seemed like a logical thing to do as the two usually look totally different.

14. As you will see as this countdown goes on most of these photos were made in Chicago. I just made a couple of trips to the city this past year, but the city is full of things to photograph. Number fourteen on the countdown was our view of the city from the Hotel Indigo. The sun was still coming up, and the light was nice. I also liked how you could see the landmark buildings of Chicago as well.

13. During a March trip to the Windy City I made my way down some streets that I had not yet been to. A stop by Central Camera was really refreshing as it was all film. I loved looking at some of the older cameras. It gives me a much better appreciation for the gear that I use today.

12. I spent one long day on campus earlier in the year photographing football and then going straight to a couple of volleyball matches in Mackey Arena. I was leaving the stadium at around 11 at night when I realized that the reflections looked great. I stopped to make a picture before moving on. I really wish that I had a tripod here, but you can’t always have all of your gear on you. I made the best photo that I could.

11. Here is another photo from my walk around Chicago in March. I tried to focus on some of the little things. I had passed these signs up once, but on the second day I made this photo. I made it knowing that I would convert it to black and white.

10. No trip to Chicago is complete without visiting the Disney store on Michigan Avenue. While we were walking back to our hotel the sun set. I love the look of the city during the blue hour so I looked for something to show it off. The warm light of the Crate & Barrel store really helped create the look that I wanted. I also slowed down my shutter a bit to capture the fast moving aspects of the city.

9. While driving from my hometown back to West Lafayette I stopped in North Judson, Indiana to take a look at a church that look very nice. The church did not look as great up close, but this corner store did. I broke out the wide angle lens to get the slightly distorted look that I thought would work well here.

8. When we were in Chicago we stayed at the Hilton. Just a couple of blocks down the road is this great door for Roosevelt University. I don’t know why I liked it so much, but I just did. The different textures played well together to make a photo that I liked.

7. Just because it is raining does not mean that your day is ruined. A morning rain gave me a great opportunity to visit the Art Museum. I love the art museum because it really inspires you to create. Seeing the masters just lets you know just how far down you are, and the work that you still need to do. When I left the museum the rain had just quit. The wet ground in a big city means that you can make some interesting photos with using reflections. This was one of my favorites from that time.

6. I have come through this area on the train before, but I had never walked over it. When I saw the drastic difference in the landscape here I knew that I had a photo.

5. I think that this photo is as high as it is because of the orange sign. Anytime you have a photo of a landmark with a sign in front of it that says ‘reminisce on those moments’ you have a countdown photo. This was a neat little park next to a parking lot.

4. This is one of my favorite places in Chicago. The old Congress Hotel sign with the Sears (I mean Willis) Tower in the background with the Spearman in the foreground. I have made this photo before, but it was nice to revisit the scene.

3. This photo has been featured on a countdown already. Once again the light of blue hour really helps make the photo. This would have looked good during the day or at night, but I think the ultra blue sky really makes the photo.

2. I love The Bean. The actual name of the artwork is Cloud Gate, but I don’t know many people who call it that. This is a great place to make photos. I used to come early in the morning to capture it with nobody else in the frame. This year I looked for interesting people to pair with the art. A girl with pink hair fits the bill perfectly.

1. This small traveling puppet show has been featured on the blog before. In 2012 I have a picture that I made while the show was going on. This time I stumbled upon the cart parked across the street from where I saw it in 2012. I waited until a cab came by to capture the cart with a couple of staples of Chicago in the frame.

My Last Post of 2014

This will be the last time that I post this year. It has been a great year, and I can only think that next year will be even better. Thank you all for following me this year, and I look forward to giving you great content in 2015! The new year will bring one more countdown post along with an entire year of new content. It is not easy to post a new photo every day for a year. It is something that I love to do though.

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