Top Ten Football Photos of 2014

My Ten Favorite Football Photos From the Past Year

Anyone who knows me knows that football is one of my favorite sports. I love baseball, but football is right up there. This year I was especially excited to shoot Purdue football for the second year in a row. Last year in a season where I was not present for a win I made a few photos that I really liked. I fully expected the team to be much better which would make for far more photo opportunities. I saw the team win two games in person, and even in some of the losses they played very well putting up some points. Of course the highlight of the football season was seeing my old high school team reach the state finals for the first time. It is something that is hard to explain to someone who is not from LaPorte just how big of a deal that it was. Anyway here are ten photos that I liked from the past year. You can check out some of my other top ten sports lists here.

10. This is not a great action photo, but it is one of my favorites of the year. This year I helped out on media day. This was probably the only time that I will do this, but it was great fun. My job for most of the day was just to make candid photos of the event. This posed photo though was so old school that I loved it.

9. During the first game of the season Western Michigan cornerback Donald Celiscar came in and laid a big hit on Purdue running back Raheem Mostert. The hit knocked Celiscar out cold as you can see in the photo. Somehow targeting was not called on the play, but I guess they can’t get them right every time.

8. This was the photo where I started to have some fun this season. I stayed in very tight on the Central Michigan running back instead of switching cameras. I was not shooting for anyone so I could just risk missing the shot, or not having all of the player in the shot. I loved the detail that I saw. For the rest of the season I kept my 300mm up just a little longer than I had in the past.

7. For someone who was not around when Glenn Robinson II played basketball here at Purdue this has been a cool year. I was able to photograph the ‘Big Dog’ himself when he was honored at halftime of a basketball game. About a week later his son Glenn III came here with Michigan to play basketball. Then this fall I saw his other son play a very good linebacker for Purdue as a true freshman. Photo #7 on the countdown is of Gelen making a sack against Iowa.

6. This is a moment where the background makes the photo for me. After a score by Purdue quarterback Danny Etling the players huddled in the end zone. Out of the corner of my eye I saw these two guys on the side just going crazy. I moved my camera over to include them in the photo. Purdue needs about 40,000 more of these guys to show up on Saturday’s. Then again that might be dangerous.

5. This was a special year for LaPorte County high school football. Both LaPorte and New Prairie made the state title game for the first time in history. I have to include a photo from the New Prairie game here. It was my first time shooting in Lucas Oil Stadium as well so that adds a little sentimental value to the photo. The final score of the game was not how the Cougars had probably envisioned it, but the journey there was a great one.

4. Okay so if you read this blog you know that I am a huge fan of Danny Anthrop. He was the first photo on the blog even though I really did not know who he was at the time. He was just the star player of the high school game that I happened to be at that night. For some reason he has always made for great photos. Here he breaks a long touchdown run. This was another time where I did not switch cameras as quick as I used to. I have always been a completionist. I want the whole body in the frame. This season I have tried to fight that urge, and I like the results.

3. I have no real ties to the Rennselaer football program. When they won the class 2A title this year I was mostly auditing the process as it would be the same for the next game which was the one that I was covering. When the captains picked up the trophy though I put my camera that was on a monopod up over the top to make this photo. For some reason I really like it. Maybe it was because it was the only time that I saw a team win the title that weekend.

2. Have you seen Melvin Gordon play? He truly is an amazing running back. When he played against Purdue I was not on assignment for anyone. I covered the Purdue end of the field for a while, but then switched to the Wisconsin side with one photo in mind. Luckily things worked out to where I could get a photo of Melvin that I wanted. I think that he will be in New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation. He has my vote for the trophy. Unfortunately my vote is not tallied for the award.

1. Of course a photo from the LaPorte Slicer title game would be number one on this list. No Slicer team had ever made it this far before. In fact only one team had been within one game of getting here. This was a big deal for the community, and it was an amazing honor to be there to photograph the game. As time was winding down in the first quarter Charles Salary broke free for a 45 yard touchdown. This was my favorite frame of the series as he came down right at me. It was the only score of the game, and a little scouting helped me to be in the right place to make this photo. It was also the last game for Coach Bob Schellinger, but you can read about that here.



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