LaPorte Slicer Coach Bob Schellinger Steps Down After 22 Years

We Interrupt This Blog…

This is not a breaking news site. I never post something just to have news on here. It is a photo blog. Sometimes though something happens that moves me to write a little. This is one of those times. I will post a regular blog entry later in the day. For now though I have a personal post to write.

Farewell to the Coach

I remember sitting in a small auditorium in the spring of 1993 as the staff at the school tried to help us make sense of the way that our former coach Myron Dickerson decided to handle a personal situation. He was let go, and we did not have a football coach. Then Coach Bob Schellinger stepped into our lives. It is amazing what a little confidence can do for a team. He came in and upgraded the uniforms of the team along with the logo. It is a look very similar to the one that is worn today. It was a much needed upgrade. He really sparked a team that was not good the year before into one that could make history. On September 17th, 1993 the first big win of Coach Schellinger’s career came as the Slicers defeated Hobart. It was the first win over the school since 1945. It was the beginning of a new way of thinking for LaPorte Football. This was no longer a baseball school. You could play football and have success as well. That win over Hobart was just the first of many huge wins that the coach would help direct the team to. Over his 22 year run as head coach he provided many firsts for the Slicers. In 2006 he coached the team to the first regional victory in school history. This past season he took the team to state for the first time as well. Over the course of his 22 years he has brought LaPorte Football to a level that it has never known. It was an honor to play for him, and it was an honor to stand on the sidelines last week for his final game. As he stood with his team ready to come out of the tunnel prior to the game I wondered if that would be the last time for him. It turns out that it was the last time. Over the course of 22 years he changed a lot of lives at LaPorte. If you think about the lives that he touched in his 50 years around the game it is astonishing. I think that the next time that I set foot at Kwanis Field that I should have to walk past something with the coaches name on it. I am sure that he would not petition for it, but part of that field needs to bear his name. I am not in the community anymore, but some enterprising group could surely start something up to have something placed in honor of this great coach. The program that he put into place at LaPorte was a game changer. I think that Schellinger Field has a nice sound to it.


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