Proud To Be A Slicer

The End of a Great Run

At some point the Slicers run had to end. They had an improbable run through the high schools playoffs that took them to the title game in Indy. When Charles Salary ran 45 yards for a touchdown to cut the Irish lead to 14-7 I thought that maybe it was the spark that they needed. At the end of the day though the Irish were just too much to LaPorte. After the game though as the players were receiving their medals I kept thinking that this team is legendary in LaPorte now. The season went from a memorable one to one that we will never forget. I am damn proud of this team. As I saw the pain on their faces after the game I fought back the urge to tell each one of them that. I think that they knew it though. The large crowd or orange cheering them on to the end had to help that sink in. As the next few days pass the pain of the loss will fade, and some small measure of their success will start to become apparent. As each year passes though they will see that they will be immortalized in the Slicer record books.

A New Feeling

Last night I was more nervous to shoot a game than I ever have been before. In the past year I have shot some pretty big games, and for some reason last night as the ball was about to be kicked I was overcome with emotion. I was almost too excited to shoot the kickoff. I am very good at shutting the emotion down when I get behind the lens. Last night though seeing the large Slicer contingent cheering on the team on the biggest stage in Indiana I let my emotions get the better of me. I get antsy before events, but not at a level that I felt last night. I think that the Slicers need to get to State next year so I can see if it happens again.

A Little About the Photo

Since this blog is about a photo a day I should talk about it I guess. Having not attended a Slicer game in two years I had no idea what to expect from the team. Thanks to some Facebook friends though I saw a highlight reel of runs by Charles Salary. A huge number of those runs were to the left side. Without adding them up I would guess around 75-80% of them. I put myself on that side of the field waiting for the big play. Of course with the first quarter winding down the play came right at me. I shot much of it with my 300mm lens with the 1.4x tele on it. That kept me in very close. After I filled that buffer I switched to the 70-200mm lens to get the shot of the celebration. I love how the 300mm lens lets me see the details of the moment. The eyes of the running back watching the play on the big screen to see the defenders is a great moment. This is one of my favorite photos of the tournament, and one of the bright spots of the day for LaPorte.

Bonus Photos

This is normally the part where I show you a few other photos that I like, and point you in the direction of my website where the rest of the photos are. I was shooting the game for You can view my gallery of images here. I really had a great time shooting the game, and it shows. I posted almost 400 images to the Slicer gallery.

If you would like to purchase photos they can be purchased here on my website.


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