The Andrean 59ers at Lucas Oil Stadium

A Different Take on the Game

For two of the three teams that I covered at the state finals it was their first appearance in the title game. Andrean on the other hand was going for a repeat of the previous years title. Before seeing the team take the field I had never seen Andrean play before. A little knowledge from the old days of watching the Prep Football Report was all that I had. I knew that they have a good football program, but little else. I was very impressed with the fan base as they really took school spirit up a notch. The student section gave me many good photos on the day.

The Pole Camera

During the finals I used my monopod a little differently than its intended use. I used it as a way to get my camera up and over the wall that separates the fans from the field at Lucas Oil Stadium. I have used this trick before, but not as much as I did this past weekend. I could have used Pocket Wizards to fire the camera, but I was on the go most of the time so I decided to just use the timer on the camera. To make sure that I got the most bang for the buck I set it up to take three photos by just creating a bracketed series with the other two photos taken just on each side of the metered exposure. Most of the time I would let the fans know what I was doing, and then raise the camera. As with most photography the fans really made the photos. I just happened to have the camera on them.

Bonus Photos

This is the last post where I will add no extra photos here from the finals. You can find more of my work at by clicking here. Okay here is one more that I loved from the post game celebration.