New Palestine 77 – New Prairie 42

Photographing the Indiana High School Football Championships

Yesterday was a great opportunity to photograph some final football games this season. I was assigned to cover the New Prairie game against New Palestine, but I got to the stadium a bit early to photograph a bit of the first game. I wanted to dial everything in before I was set to go for real. I was testing out the Sigma 1.4x teleconverter for my 300mm lens. The Canon tele works on it, but not at the full focal length of the lens. It really is not made to be used with it. The Sigma tele was. On the 300mm lens with the crop frame sensor shooting the photos I was at about 672mm. That is tight for sure. I had a little trouble at first as I got used to it, but by the end of the night I was doing just fine. I can’t imagine how Peter Read Miller followed the play with a 1200mm lens!

A Successful Season

Despite the loss to a high powered offense New Prairie can hang their heads high. They made it to state after starting the season with a loss. Most teams would kill to just have two losses on the season, and to end it all in Indy. The pain is tough right now, but looking back on this season you will be very proud with what you have done. It was a great year that will make this team one that the school will always remember.

Bonus Photos

This is usually the part where I show a couple of bonus photos, and then direct you to my website to see the rest. I was shooting the game for They have a great website that covers all kinds of things in the county. My full gallery can be found here on their site. If you followed me during the game you could probably tell that I was having a blast making images. I think that it showed in the final product.