The Autumn Road

Finding the Perfect Road Shot in Autumn

A great shot of a road in the midst of autumn colors is something that I have been chasing for a while now. I find shots that I think are okay like the one above, but I am still looking for that great shot. One of these days I will stumble upon it. There are a lot of elements into what I think would make the perfect shot. Some of them are here, but not exactly how I would like them. One of these days I will post a shot that I think is awesome. It will be my job then to find one that is even better once I do that.

Catch a Partial Solar Eclipse

Tonight just as the sun is setting the moon will come in between us. Here in West Lafayette the eclipse will start at around 5:45. We will not see the entire eclipse because the sun will set too soon. Just before it sets we will get the most that we will see. That will be at around 6:45 tonight. For a brief moment in time it will look as if someone has taken a bite out of the sun. If the conditions are right I will have a picture of it for you tomorrow.


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