Using the Slow Motion Feature on the iPhone 6

Slow Motion Can Be Dangerous

I say that slow motion can be dangerous because it is easy to over do it. I finally received my iPhone 6 last week, and I started playing with it a bit. I saw a slow motion function in the camera app so I decided to give it a try. Even in the low light inside the house it was amazing. My step daughter kept giving me things to try it out on. I wanted more though. Saturday while at the Purdue Football game I brought my phone out a few times. When the team came out to start the game I did not even have my cameras with me. I felt kind of weird just shooting with an iPhone, but when you are playing what else can you do? As you can see above the idea is a great one, but it can get old quickly. I am sure that I will use the slow motion feature for a month or two, and then it will be just a feature on the phone. For that month though I will have way too much fun.

What Makes Slow Motion So Interesting?

I will have more on the iPhone 6 in the future. For now though I thought that I would break out a couple of sections that I thought were interesting. I don’t shoot a lot of video. I like capturing a moment in time with my still camera. This slow motion feature has made me re-think that a bit. The camera is capturing 240 frames per second. Think about that. I want to buy the 7D Mark II because it will shoot sports at 10 frames per second. Can you imagine how much you can see when 240 frames per second is slowed down? It makes the mundane interesting from what I found. As I play around with this a bit more I hope to put up a couple more videos that are not so long. This has the potential to be very fun.

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