The Brooklyn Bridge

Shooting From a Great Location

I have talked about shooting from this spot in the past. On my only trip to the Big Apple in 2008 I went with a friend who had just been to the city earlier in the year. He had a great spot to park at that would allow us to roam the city without having to pay big money to park. Not far from that spot was this great view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Everyday we came back to the same place, and I marveled at the view. I thought that it was ‘my spot’, and that nobody else had ever thought of shooting from here. Of course after the fact I see many movie scenes are filmed right here. It is actually amazing how popular the spot is. The week that I was in New York must have been the only week that it was slow. To me though it will always by ‘my spot.’

Shooting the Brooklyn Bridge

How do you make a picture of an iconic bridge that has been around for 130 years? Any angle that you think that you have found on the bridge has to have already been taken. When I shot this in 2008 I had no such illusions in mind that this would be a unique shot. I just wanted my postcard shot of the bridge. Sometimes when you travel you have to take the postcard shot first. When you go to New York you have to have a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and other historical locations. Once you get those out of the way you can then shoot what you want. If you bore family with photos like I do though you have to give them some kind of payoff, and that payoff comes with the shots that they are expecting to see. With that in mind I do have a couple of shots that I would like to take of this bridge. I never did cross it, and I think that the shot that I would like to make the most would come from the pedestrian walkway on the bridge. Someday I will get back to New York, and I can see how my vision has improved in the last few years.

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